It’s a common saying that “men are scum”, although “not all men are scum.” But in reality, there are some scumbags living amongst us disguised as men (all these werey dey always disguise).

A writer from Zikoko Magazine posted a question  on twitter some days back, asking about “the exact moment women knew that they had to leave a relationship” and the response most women gave was really heartbreaking to read.

Although there are different levels and styles to how some men mistreat the women in their lives, but the most important thing is that, the moment you notice any sign that a man is mistreating you, carry your slippers and pick race without looking back.

In this article, I highlighted the major red flags women complained about on Zikoko Magazine’s post.

Here are 20 SIGNS YOU NEED TO END THAT RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, FAST! (PS: The earlier you end it, the better for you)

  1. 1. He is using you to make his Ex Jealous:
  2. This is a common practice, and it is terrible. Any man who dates you because he wants to make his Ex jealous doesn’t deserve you.

2. He is with you because you are a virgin:

This may sound funny, but some men would date a woman simply because she is a virgin. So what happens when she loses her virginity?

3. He tries to hit you:

The moment a man raises his hand to hit you, that’s the exact moment you should run for your life.

4. He gets insanely jealous and can’t control his actions when he does:

These are the kind of guys that will tell you to block every other guy on your contact list and ask you to stop speaking to men generally. Most men who act this way are insecure. May we not jam agbako!

5. He insults you and doesn’t respect you:

Any man who can publicly or privately abuse you verbally does not deserve to have you in his life. Period!

6. You have seen him speak to other people rudely or mistreat them:

The way a man treats other people, even down to the staff he employed says a lot about him. It will give you an insight into how he will treat you eventually. Don’t be deceived.

7. There is always a problem in your relationship:

The moment you have to start sharing your relationship story with Joro every week or asking questions on Facebook groups non-stop, you need to reconsider the relationship.

8. He dismisses you when you confront him about cheating:

It’s normal to ask your partner when you begin to notice that they may be cheating on you, but if he dismisses your confrontation or isn’t willing to explain things to you, then that is a red flag.

9. He isn’t proud of how you look:

If a man wants to be with you, then he would proudly be you and show you to the world, whether you are fat, slim, big-bellied, or small-breasted.

10. He frequently invalidates your dreams:

Any man who doesn’t support your goals or belittles them doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

11. He can’t tell you that he loves you:

When a man finds it difficult to use the word “I love you, “here is a high chance that he probably doesn’t, wise up, sis.

12. He keeps comparing you to his ex or other girls:

This is a glaringly red flag. Anyone who claims to love you would love you for who you are without comparing you to someone else.

13. He always takes from you but never gives: Flee from such a man because he doesn’t deserve you.

14. He has never taken you to meet his family or friends:

You are not a palliative sis, and you don’t deserve to be hidden. If he can’t introduce you to any of his family or friends, then there is something fishy.

15. People close to him have warned you about him:

It is easy to be blinded by love and turn deaf ears to the warnings people are giving you about him. It would be best if you learned to strike a balance. Don’t be foolish because you are in love.

16. He is selfish:

When a person truly loves you, they would never be selfish towards you. If he is, then that’s a red flag.

17. He is very secretive:

There’s a difference between protecting your privacy and being secretive. If a man cannot let you into his life and tell you things going on with him, there is something wrong.

18. He is cheating on you:

This is an obvious red flag. You don’t need to be told twice before you cut off ties with such a man.

19. He only reaches out to you when he needs something from you:

These will confidently ghost you for a week and then send “hey baby” when they want to ask for a favor from you. Flee for your sanity.

20. His primary motive behind seeing you is to “hook up”:

Except you are friends with benefits, but if you both are in a serious relationship and his primary motive for seeing you is to have sex, then you need to pick a race. You no be sex-machine.

Has any man shown you “pepper” before? Share your experience  with us in the comment section dear.

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