With all the questions spinning in my head, I told the cab to take me straight home.

“Was it still home to me though?” I asked myself bitterly

I looked outside the window staring at some women who were trying to cross the busy road even though there was an overhead bridge right in front of them, it was a Saturday afternoon in Lagos so they were obviously going for an “owanmbe” with their 5 Storey Gele and blinking Iro and Buba lace.

Seeing them made me remember my mum,

“When last did I call her?” I asked myself trying to search my brain for the answer.

I couldn’t tell her what was going on in my marriage right now because all she would advise me to do is to keep “enduring”

I can already picture the sour expression that would be on her face and the angry Yoruba words mixed with insults she would say to me if I dared to mention divorce to her, it would be something along the lines of,

“Ahh Vivian why would you ever think of Divorce, what crime has your husband committed that is new under the sun?

I always thought you were smart ooo but you aren’t. So you will leave your home and all the things you both struggled to build together since day one for one because of one little offence?

You better stop being a childish idiot and protect your marriage fiercely. There are many girls out there praying to have this your kind of marriage and they would be very happy to take your place”

Although I knew kola would never raise his hands on me, I always wondered the kind of advice my mum would give to me if he did beat me and I told her. Maybe I will ask her one day.

Soon the cab got to my house, I paid him and went in.

When I got to the sitting room, I found Kola seated on the sofa and pressing his laptop,

“Hey love, I didn’t know you were out. Where did you go to?”

“Shut your mouth up you traitor, who is the girl you impregnated” that was the response formed in my head, but I could bring myself to say it out. Instead, I replied with,

“I went down the street to get something but the shop is closed”

“Ooh, I see” he replied, standing up and walking towards where I stood

When he got in front of me, he took my hands and said,

“Baby what’s wrong? You haven’t been yourself all week. I have missed having the love of my life by my side, laughing and gisting with me. We haven’t even shared a kiss since Sunday, don’t you find that strange?”

“I am fine. It’s just that work has been quite stressful lately” I lied

“What problems are you having with work exactly? I might be able to help you out.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, I have everything under control”

“I have to worry about you because you are my wife, but if you insist, I will leave you to it. Anyways, always remember that I love you”

This man standing right here, in front of me, acting all caring and saying all the right words to me is the man I married. Not the one whom I think is cheating on me and has impregnated another woman outside of our marriage.

I responded with a simple” thank you” and headed towards my office, even though I badly wanted to confront him and know what exactly was going on.

I also decided not to call Stella yet, I would wait to see the outcome of the trail we put on Kola tomorrow.



It was Sunday Afternoon, Kola was preparing to go drop Nathan off at his parent’s place and then “hang out with his friends” as he always led me to believe. I called Stella 30 minutes before he left the house so that she could get ready to start trailing him, while I waited patiently for our next move.

Immediately kola left the house, I went into our bedroom to pack my bags in case the outcome of our plan today would result in me leaving the house.

About an hour later, Stella called me to give me the address of where Kola’s car was currently parked and told me to be on my way there.

I got my phone immediately and searched for the address on Google Maps but to my utmost confusion, the address showed up to be a hotel.  I expected that Kola would rent a house for his baby mama, not lodge her in a hotel.

“Maybe he and his baby mama just decided to lodge in a hotel for fun” thinking about it made me grip my phone tighter out of anger.

I got my car keys, got into my car, and headed towards my destination.

Luckily, there was no traffic and I arrived there in 30 minutes. I parked my car a few meters away from the hotel and walked down to the hotel itself, Stella already texted me the details of her friend’s car which she borrowed to carry out the operation.

I went through the security check and when they opened the gate to let me in, I spotted the car Stella drove in the parking lot of the hotel.

I did a quick scan around the lot for kola’s car and there it was just as I expected.

“Hey V, you got here really fast. I hope you didn’t pull off any fast and furious trick on the road while driving down here?” Stella said teasingly as I got to her car

“If I did that, then I would have gotten here 20 minutes earlier.” I responded “So what Information do we have now? Are we going inside the hotel? Or are we just waiting out here? We could even bribe the receptionist to give us some information”

“Slow down baby and take a deep breath,” Stella said to me with a pity face. “We are not going anywhere, we would patiently wait here till he comes out before we know what next to do”. “When I arrived here with him,  he went inside the reception immediately and since then I haven’t seen any pregnant woman walk into the hotel, so she must have been waiting for him in there,” Stella concluded

“Since when have you been here?” I asked

“About 40 minutes now”

“Ok then. Let’s wait and see what happens next. You look very tired though” I commented

20 minutes later, a tall, handsome man dressed like a gangster, putting on sun shades perched on a pierced nose and holding a briefcase stepped out. Following closely behind him was Kola in his Ankara Shirt and Trouser Attire.

They both looked very angry.

“Now this is confusing,” I said to Stella as we both watched them climb into their respective cars preparing to drive out.

“Do you know if he comes to complete any business transactions in a hotel?”

“No. He has never mentioned such to me, perhaps any Business deal he wants to be done should be done in his office. This appears to me as a shady deal”.

“Ok. Once they are out, let’s get out of here too”

We waited for 10 minutes after they drove out, then Stella drove me to where my car was parked.

I was contemplating telling her about what I saw on Saturday, but I felt that wasn’t the right time for such, so I kept quiet.

Once we got to where my car was parked, I got down from Stella’s car, we exchanged our goodbyes,  I entered into my car and drove home.

While driving, all I could think about was how to uncover the truth behind what was going on between Kola, Jude, the pregnant lady, and the gangster looking guy.

To be continued…

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