I always took so much pride in my ability to notice things even to the tiniest details. Some years back, the house help I employed was having an affair with the gate man, although they both kept it a secret, I knew about it, and when she got pregnant, I noticed it first even before she started experiencing symptoms.

How do I explain that the man I have been married to for over six years is bisexual? And I never suspected it.

Do you call me stupid, or did love simply blind me?

After Kola confessed to me that he was bisexual and I stormed upstairs to back my stuff, I had a rethink. I decided to use reverse psychology on him.

He would definitely expect me to flare up and leave the house immediately, so I stayed calm and acted like everything was okay.

He went to pick Nathan up from his parents place that same night, and throughout the night while I lay in bed next to Nathan after reading him a story before he fell asleep, I couldn’t wait for a new dawn to break so that I could execute the plan I had in mind.

The next day came, and I dressed Nathan up for school after dressing up for work, I noticed that Kola wasn’t dressed for work and I couldn’t have guessed more correctly.

He knew that for me to have kept a calm demeanor all through the night, I would take drastic action the next day, which would be “packing my stuff and leaving with Nathan”.

After dressing myself sand Nathan up, I picked up my car keys from the dining table where I left it and proceeded to go with Nathan.

“Vee, since I am not going to work today, I will like to take Nathan to school by myself,” Kola said coming to stand in my way as I walked towards the door.

“Seriously? When last did you take Nathan to school? Even on days when you didn’t go to work. The last time I checked, taking Nathan to school was my duty” I retorted

“Vee, just listen…”

“No! You listen to me. If this is about what happened yesterday, then you don’t have to worry because if I wanted to leave, I would have gone with Nathan last night and there wouldn’t be a thing you could have done about it. Thirty years on earth and six years of marriage have taught me that sometimes, you just have to accept your fate and move on. At this point, I have accepted my fate. So please move out of my way because I am running late or work.

Immediately, he stepped aside looking defeated. I was hurt that I had to speak to him in that manner, but I didn’t care anymore at this point.

I went outside, got into my car with Nathan and drove to my office. I made sure to confirm that Kola wasn’t following me.

When I got to my office, I parked my car, called a cab immediately and headed to Stella’s parents’ house with Nathan.

I knew she had to be there.

Immediately I got there, and the gate man opened the gate for me, I saw Stella from afar watering her parent’s garden.

Nathan immediately rushed to hug her, and she was caught by surprise. When she looked up, and our eyes met, she had a hurt look in her eyes, but she quickly looked away and focused her attention on Nathan.

“Nathan darling, I have missed you so much,” she said excitedly.

“I miss you too, Aunty Stella.”

“Hello Stella,” I said, as I reached where she was standing.

“Hi Vivian” she replied in a firm tone. What can I do for you?

“I want us to go away from here, from all this and just take a breath of fresh air together” I blurted out after a long pause.

“What do you mean? Where are we going?

“Australia. I have all the flight tickets booked already, and the plane takes off by 3 pm today.”

“Does Kola know about this? Where would you leave Nathan?”

“Kola doesn’t know, and Nathan is coming with us too, I booked his ticket.


“Really? You will go with me just like that?”

“Yes. I will go with you just like that” she responded smiling. “That doesn’t mean I have forgiven you though,” She said faking a stern look, “But i do need a breath of fresh air.”

And Voila! A new beginning in Australia. Or maybe not?



We spent exactly a hundred days in Australia.

Few weeks after our arrival there, Stella found out that she was pregnant for Jude and we didn’t know if we should rejoice or be sad.  When she told her parents the news, they began calling every day, begging her to come back to Nigeria.

I was striving to run my business from where I was, which was very tasking and even though I desperately wanted to file for divorce, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I blocked every means of access and communication that any of my family members or Kunle could reach me on.

Nathan wouldn’t stop asking of his father, and I was also homeschooling him.

On the hundredth day of our stay, Stella and I decided that it was best if we both went back home to settle things with everyone and come to a complete closure with those chapters of our lives.

Then we could start a new beginning, with no baggage of guilt hanging around our necks.

Immediately we landed in Nigeria, Stella headed to her parents’ house, and I lodged in a hotel with Nathan. A few hours later, I headed for my mum’s place with Nathan.  I knew i would get an earful from her, and i was prepared for it.

Stella’s parent must have informed her that I would be returning today, because the moment I got into the taxi headed to her place, her call came in.

“So you have finally unblocked my number?”

“Mummy, can we not do this now? I am on my way to your place already.

“I am waiting for you” she responded before ending the call.

An hour later, we arrived at her house, and the moment I stepped into the house, I saw five pairs of eyes turn on me.

My mum, her elder sister, her younger sister, Kunle and Kunle’s parents were all seated together, having a discussion.

Nathan immediately rushed to hug his dad, and before I could even say a greeting, my mum took over,

“You have finally decided to return from your exile abi? I thought you would live there forever, nonsense! You are so irresponsible; you left your husband’s house without even saying a word to anyone…”

“Mummy Vivian, calm down” My mum’s younger sister pleaded with her.

“Nooo, don’t tell me that. It is not okay. What kind of child will travel out of the country without informing anyone, not even her mother and then she comes back three months later, looking all unbothered. I know I raised you better than this, but if you have decided to be stupid just because you had a little fight with your husband, then that is on you…”

“That is enough, mum” I screamed out of nowhere “Do you even care to know what made me take that decision? Do you even care if your daughter is fine or not? All you care about is that I maintain my marriage, whether or not I am happy in it. Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing you say all these kind of things to me.”

“And you,” I continued, turning away from her to face Kunle, “Have you told all of them that you are having extramarital affairs, not with women oo, but with a man like you. Judging from the look on your face, you haven’t told them, but lucky for you, I have helped you with that.

The moment I said it all out, I realized that Nathan was there with us listening to everything that was being said and I regretted bringing him along.

Everyone in the room focused their attention on me, with surprise painted all over their faces.

“I might as well just go straight to the main point why I came back to Nigeria, I am filing for divorce” then I brought out my wedding ring from the pocket of the jeans trouser I was wearing and threw it at Kola.

I moved forward to take Nathan from him, but Kola held him tighter to his laps.

“Vee please don’t do this. I still love you “he whispered, looking up at me with teary eyes.

It took every ounce of strength in me not to hug him at that moment and forgive him.

“You should have thought about how much you love me before you decided to continue sleeping with men.

Just give Nathan to me please, I need to go now” I said, bending down to take Nathan from his lap for the second time.

“No. I can’t let Nathan go with you this time. You took him away from me for over three months.” He said sternly

“I know fighting with you on this would be pointless so that I will leave him with you for now. But just be assured that I will get full custody of him once the court presides on our divorce case. I will take my leave now”, and I left without looking back.

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