Sex is one of the most discussed topic in our world today, various people have different opinions on what it truly stands for, how it should be done, who should do it and why it is engaged in.

Premarital sex is one very crucial yet touchy subject matter, especially in the part of world we live in (Africa).

Our Societal and religious beliefs have taught us certain things regarding this subject but the influence of western culture and civilization is almost wiping out what we believe as regards the subject matter.

For instance, the Holy Bible and Quran says that having sex before marriage is fornication and a sin against God.

According the Yoruba Culture which I was brought up in, a woman is expected to remain a virgin till she gets married but not so much is said about a man keeping his virginity or not and this belief also applies to some other cultures in Nigeria.

Regardless of what our religion and culture have to say about this practice, we know for a fact that almost every youth from the age of 16, married or not, male or female is engaging in sexual intercourse.

We must have even heard or seen of persons younger than the age of 16 who are already sexually active.

One would even begin to wonder if this is legal according to the constitution of the country. In the Nigerian constitution, the age of consent is 18 years old as established by the sexual offence bill 2015.

Having Sex is almost a very normalized practice amongst the youth of today, most persons know a lot about the subject right from a tender age and some people have even adopted it to be a source of income.

Personally, I’m torn between going with the religious and societal beliefs on the subject matter against agreeing with the argument that everyone is entitled to engage in the act when they want to, in as much as it makes both parties happy and of mutual consent.

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I really want to know your view and stance on the subject matter, kindly leave your comment below and share with your friends to air their views.



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  • Emmanuella
    Posted March 12, 2020 3:53 pm 0Likes

    Well for me it’s bad, but considering the world we are in today, it’s nothing.
    We youths of nowadays don’t even care about what the Bible says again, even a child of 8 years already knows what sex is and when he or she gets to the age of 12 and above they become sexually active, in some cases the girls get pregnant.
    In conclusion I would say it’s bad but nothing can be done socially, it’s left for individuals to choose and do what’s right.

  • Tolani
    Posted March 13, 2020 9:47 am 0Likes

    It should be but the world is evolving now so it has become a normal thing

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